Ana Rubio Zuazo

Ana Rubio Zuazo

Acerca de Ana Rubio Zuazo

My research revolves around marine ecology and aquaculture, in particular in relation to the cultivation of oysters. Most of my previous research focused on the Sydney Rock Oyster but currently I am working on a disease related to Pacific Oysters. A number of projects that I am currently involved in are included in this industry website: In addition I also work in the Natural Resources Branch of Hornsby Shire Council as an Environmental Scientist working on the implementation of the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary Management Plan.

Nuestra socia Dr. Ana Rubio visitó a los alumnos de ALCE en Maroubra, Sydney, donde hablaron del problema de los desechos marinos, en particular de los plásticos y de los impactos en los océanos y estuarios. Comentamos que los plásticos no sólo contaminan las costas, sino que también afecta a toda […]

Las colaboraciones entre SRAP y ALCE continúan en el 2021

(Post sólo disponible en inglés) We are clearly living interesting times during COVID-19 isolation. The need to stay at home to slow down the spread of the coronavirus is driving some people mad. Many of the usual activities that SRAP-IEAP organises will not be possible for quite some time, with […]

Eventos virtuales de Trivial científico

(Post sólo disponible en inglés)   Unfortunately, this event was CANCELLED because of the COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to re-schedule it again in the future.   Bushfires have been a hot topic in Australia during last summer. However there is still confusion about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of bushfire events. The […]

Evento: Q & A – Burning Questions about Bushfires

(Post sólo disponible en inglés) SRAP-Brisbane’s inaugural Research Bites last 11th December 2019 was a great success. Five SRAP-IEAP members gave extremely interesting presentations about the research they are currently undertaking: Raquel Sánchez Díaz spoke about the use of biomaterials towards improved integration of percutaneous devices Natividad Gómez Cerezo explained […]

Primer «Research Bites» en Brisbane

Durante el 2019, cinco socios de SRAP tomaron la iniciativa de diseminar ciencia con alumnos de las clases del ALCE (Agrupacion de Lengua y Cultura Española) en Sydney, Canberra y Brisbane. Esta colaboracion fue un excitazo- de ahi que andamos buscando a nuevos socios que quieran participar en actividades similares […]

Un colaboracion especial entre socios de SRAP y ALCE en ...

(Artículo sólo disponible en inglés) Some days ago we hosted the event PINTXOS OF SCIENCE at the Basque Club ‘Gure Txoko’ in Darlinghurst. Professor Massimo Piccardi (Professor of Machine Learning, Computer vision and natural language processing at UTS) & Professor Blanca Gallego (Center for Big Data Research IN Health at […]

Éxito de «Pintxos de Ciencia»

(Post only available in English) Celebrating Australia’s National Science Week 2019, SRAP invites members to join us in an event with Pintxos and discussion about Artificial Intelligence – ethical considerations  ~ Event in English ~ Pintxos included in the price. Drinks not included but available for purchase at reasonable prices! Booking […]

«Pintxo de Ciencia», nuevo evento para la Semana Nacional de ...

(Post sólo disponible en inglés) SRAP partnered again with Instituto Cervantes in Sydney and 5 Australian-based researchers through a Research Bites. Research Bites are periodical meetings aiming to facilitate science, transfer knowledge and exchange local experiences being researchers in Australia. The event brought together researchers originally from Portugal, Colombia, Italy, […]

Research Bites 2019

El evento ‘Research & Innovation Alliances between Australia and Ibero-America’ que tuvo lugar en el Instituto Cervantes el día 8 de Septiembre 2016 reunio a 57 participantes, de los cuales 11 presentaron su tema de investigación y nos contaron muy brevemente como terminaron investigando en Australia. En la audiencia tuvimos […]

Evento: Research Bites Ibero-Americano

(Post sólo disponible en inglés) Back in March 2015 we organised the first Research Bites for SRAP to launch our association, meet other Spanish researchers in Australia and have some informal presentations to introduce each other’s work. It turned out to be an extremely successful day so we are now planning a second […]

Segundo «Research Bites» el 24 de septiembre de 2015