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(Texto sólo disponible en inglés) The Malaspina Award is an honour bestowed by the Embassy of Spain in Australia and the Association of Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP-IEAP). Since 2018, it is annually awarded to individuals or organisations who have made a significant contribution to the scientific and/or cultural relationships […]

La artista australiana Jennifer Turpin es la ganadora del III ...

Hoy hemos celebrado el «6th Foro de Investigación Australia-España: Big Data» en el Australian Hearing Hub, Universidad de Macquarie (Sídney, NSW). Durante el evento, confeccionamos un hilo de Twitter (en inglés) compilando todas las charlas, los ponentes, la mesa redonda y los premios. We are starting the @srap_ieap 6th 🇦🇺🇪🇸 Research […]

Éxito del «6th Foro de Investigación Australia-España: Big Data»

This post is only available in English. On 13th November 2020 SRAP-IEAP organised a special online Research Bites event of Molecular Science: «NANOBODIES: Tiny Antibodies«. Given that speakers were in Europe, Australia and USA, this event happened at midnight Australia time. The main organiser was our member Carmen Salvador Palomeque. The event was […]

Research Bites de Ciencia Molecular: NANOBODIES: Diminutos anticuerpos