Éxito de «Pintxos de Ciencia»

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Some days ago we hosted the event PINTXOS OF SCIENCE at the Basque Club ‘Gure Txoko’ in Darlinghurst. Professor Massimo Piccardi (Professor of Machine Learning, Computer vision and natural language processing at UTS) & Professor Blanca Gallego (Center for Big Data Research IN Health at UNSW and SRAP member) expounded on the challenges of Artificial Intelligence in medicine and other areas in the near future. They gave a brief presentation about what 2040 could look like and the ethical implications of some of the technology that it is currently being developed. After the talks and the interesting discussion the participants enjoyed some pintxos!

It was a sold-out event with close to 60 people took place in partnership with Gure Txoko at the Pintxo of Science, this past Friday 16thof August.

Our two panellists were:

  • Massimo Piccardi, who is a Professor of machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and,
  • Blanca Gallego Luxan, a SRAP member and an Associate Professor at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health, UNSW, leading a research unit in Clinical analytics and machine learning.

Both presentations induced a hot and interesting debate with the audience, who was fully engaged with the topic. Machines that can build buildings, machines that take medical decisions better than any other human… This is just the beginning of a technological revolution that is transforming every single aspect of our lives.

It was very constructive to discuss opposite opinions in the debate. Some people in the audience recommended to embrace this change, and take benefit from the advantages and the potential of this new technology. However, others raised significant concerns about privacy loss and the misuse of their personal data.

This exciting debate took place in the unique environment that only Gure Txoko can provide, while savouring the most representative flavours from the Basque gastronomy – pintxos.

Everyone also had an opportunity for networking. The relaxed atmosphere facilitated to get to know each other; the SRAP and Gure Txoko members; and our special invitees and friends from La Cámara, Instituto Cervantes, the Spanish Language and Culture Program in Australia (ALCE), the Spanish Consulate in Sydney, and the Spanish Embassy in Canberra.

Artículo escrito por Ana Rubio-Zuazo y Joaquín Valderrama.

Ana Rubio Zuazo

Acerca de Ana Rubio Zuazo

My research revolves around marine ecology and aquaculture, in particular in relation to the cultivation of oysters. Most of my previous research focused on the Sydney Rock Oyster but currently I am working on a disease related to Pacific Oysters. A number of projects that I am currently involved in are included in this industry website: http://www.southcoastoysterindustry.com.au/ In addition I also work in the Natural Resources Branch of Hornsby Shire Council as an Environmental Scientist working on the implementation of the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary Management Plan.