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SRAP-Brisbane’s inaugural Research Bites last 11th December 2019 was a great success. Five SRAP-IEAP members gave extremely interesting presentations about the research they are currently undertaking:

  • Raquel Sánchez Díaz spoke about the use of biomaterials towards improved integration of percutaneous devices
  • Natividad Gómez Cerezo explained who she uses mesoporous bioactive glasses for the regenerative treatment of bone pathologies
  • Álvaro Sánchez Herrero has just finished his thesis on tissue engineering of a humanised mouse model for preclinical multiple myeloma research. Álvaro will be doing his defence next week so good luck, Álvaro!
  • Lucía Colondro Conde has been studying what everyone calls ‘morning sickness’ during pregnancy and potential linkages with depression
  • Manuel Serrano Santos has been working on swallowing difficulties in kids and elderly, in particular the inability of swallowing tablets.

SRAP’s vice-president, Ana Rubio, attended the event to explain the objectives and opportunities that SRAP-IEAP can offer to members. The group ended celebrating the start of an exciting collaboration having a few drinks and eating ‘buñuelos’

This event was funded by SRAP-IEAP and the Embassy of Spain in Australia. Thanks to all who presented and attended event.

Some photos of the event (and the dinner after it!) below.

Ana Rubio Zuazo

Acerca de Ana Rubio Zuazo

I have 15 years of operational and management experience in Coastal NRM with an emphasis on marine aquaculture. My research revolves around marine ecology and aquaculture, in particular in relation to the cultivation of oysters. Most of my research focuses on the Sydney Rock Oyster and the Pacific Oysters. A number of projects that I am currently involved in are included in this industry website: • Coastal Natural Resource Management projects • Monitoring and response to Harmful Algal Blooms • Designing, conducting, statistical analysis and reporting of ecological and water quality data • Design, development and implementation of environmental and aquaculture-based research projects: design of state-wide oyster monitoring programs, disease investigations; production • Aquaculture advisor • Twenty years of experience in project management of aquatic monitoring programs • Calibration, set-up and deployment of water quality instrumentation • Extensive experience in field work (remote sites, off-boat sampling, benthic sampling, water quality monitoring, SCUBA assessments) • GIS, Modelling, reporting, web-portal design, education packages