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The 2020 SRAP Laureates Awards were announced at the 6th Australia-Spain Research Forum: Big Data, that organised SRAP-IEAP. These awards have been created by the President and Vice-president of SRAP-IEAP, to commemorate the excellent work that some of our members have done in past years as part of the Board.

SRAP-IEAP exists because we are a group of passionate researchers who dedicate significant hours on a voluntary basis driving the direction of the association, organising events like this one, engaging with our members, representing the association wherever we go and keeping the day-to-day administrative work which is slightly boring but key in keeping SRAP-IEAP going. Being part of the Board of SRAP-IEAP requires enormous commitment and passion. As life moves on, some of the Board members have also moved on.

Consequently, SRAP-IEAP would like to acknowledge the outstanding work that the following ex-Board members have done through the years:

  • Óscar Pérez Concha
  • Natalia Villena
  • Xabi Vázquez-Campos
  • Ana Monserrat
  • Sara Carrillo

Ana Rubio (left), Ambassador of Spain to Australia, H.E. Ms. Alicia Moral Revilla (third right) and Joaquín Valderrama (right) give the 2020 SRAP Laureates Awards to Xabi Vázquez-Campos (second left), Natalia Villena (third left) and Óscar Pérez-Concha (second right) during the 6th Australia-Spain Research Forum, 28 Nov 2020. Photo Credit: Ángel López-Sánchez.

On behalf of the Board we would like to thank them for all the hard work in making SRAP-IEAP such a professional and friendly association of Spanish researchers in Australia-Pacific. The friendship we have had and we have is what makes SRAP-IEAP special.

SRAP-IEAP has collaborated with Marilou Chagnaud, a French artist based in Canberra who has created a series of unique prints for these Laureates awards. Marilou made these prints using a technique called silk screen printing.

Ana Rubio (left) and Joaquín Valderrama (right) with French artist Marilou Chagnaud (center) showing the 5 unique prints for these Laureates awards.

Ana Rubio Zuazo

Acerca de Ana Rubio Zuazo

My research revolves around marine ecology and aquaculture, in particular in relation to the cultivation of oysters. Most of my previous research focused on the Sydney Rock Oyster but currently I am working on a disease related to Pacific Oysters. A number of projects that I am currently involved in are included in this industry website: In addition I also work in the Natural Resources Branch of Hornsby Shire Council as an Environmental Scientist working on the implementation of the Lower Hawkesbury Estuary Management Plan.