Vocational Workshop between ALCE students and SRAP members

On September 9th took place the third encounter between SRAP researchers and advanced students from ALCE Australia. This online format, entitled “Vocational Workshop“, allows students and their parents to learn first-hand what the day-to-day life of a scientist is like, their difficulties and their best moments, their training, and their professional journeys since they began their academic studies to date.

After a brief presentation of the participating SRAP members, the public asked them questions to learn more about their motivations and receive advice on how to plan their future careers, especially those students who are in years 11 and 12.

On this occasion, the issue of professions that force you to be away from home and family occupied much of the talk. Likewise, all agreed that one’s professional path sometimes takes unexpected turns for reasons of financing or new opportunities. Dr. Isabel Núñez Lendo‘s comment is noteworthy, when she warned the students that perhaps their future profession “to this day, has not yet been invented.”

Many thanks to all the families of ALCE Australia who participated in the meeting and, especially, to Dr. Ricardo Domínguez (International Cooperation), Dr. Mariel Familiar (Biology), Dr. María Jones (Medicine) and PhD candidate Isabel Núñez (Marine Biology) for their voluntary participation.

Paula Llull Llobera

About Paula Llull Llobera

My research deals with the aesthetic and philosophical theories that define the different art movements since the late 60s, specifically in the field of sculpture and installation art. In this context, I analyse the way artists have tackled the natural environment and in particular the work of three contemporary artists that address environmental issues within the museum institution; the Australian artist Janet Laurence is one of my case studies. Also, I am a regular contributor to “Sculpture” magazine and “re:sculpt” blog.