8th Australia-Spain Research Forum: A Digital World

The association Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP)  organises annually the “Australia-Spain Research Forum”, a multidisciplinary conference aimed at the wider community, to highlight Australia-Spain research and present broad research and cultural topics which are of special interest to the Australian and Spanish societies.

SRAP promotes and supports networking between Australia-Pacific and Spanish research institutes and universities and provides assistance and networking support for Spanish researchers in Australia-Pacific. The Australia-Spain Research Forum is our main networking event, putting together Australian and Spanish researchers in multiple disciplines, as well as between universities, research centres, industries, diplomats and artists who have an interest in scientific research.

In 2022 we are organising the 8th Australia-Spain Research Forum entitled “A Digital World“, with the aim of showing “How the digital world is all around us”.  It will be hosted at the Australian Hearing Hub, Macquarie University (Sydney, NSW) on Friday 25th of November 2022 with the option of attending virtually or in-person.

This edition of the SRAP Forum is sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Australia, the Australia-Spain Council Foundation, the Ramón Areces Foundation,  and  Instituto Cervantes Sídney – to whom we are extremely grateful for their continuous support.

The 2020 Australia-Spain Research Forum “Big Data” and the 2021 Australia-Spain Research Forum “A Collaborative World” were successful not only because of the expertise of the speakers and the very interesting talks but also because on-line participation was possible, with all the presentations available in the SRAP YouTube Channel.

This 2022 SRAP Australia-Spain Research Forum promises an exciting program about how the digital world is all around us. We will discuss three “Big questions” with key experts speakers:

  1. artificial Intelligence,
  2. block chain and digital security,
  3. and virtual reality,

followed by a series of applied talks with concrete applications of the digital world in Astronomy, soil mapping, education, art and design, and oceans.

We will also host a roundtable aboutis living in a digital world good or bad for humankind?” to trigger the conversations and discussions about what good things have brought the digitalisation… and what bad things!

During the breaks we will have demos of a Virtual Reality system, thanks to TFOM and CSIRO.

We will close the 2022 SRAP Australia-Spain Research Forum with the announcement of the winner of the new SRAP-frA Early Career Research Award and the launching of the PhD Cotutelle Program between Macquarie University, SRAP and Instituto Cervantes with two Spanish universities.

Attending the 2022 Australia-Spain Research Forum “A Digital World” is free. You can join in person or virtually.

All the information of the Australia-Spain Research Forum “A Digital World”, including the program and the list of speakers, can be found in the website of the 2022 SRAP Forum.

You can register to attend virtually or in person now.