The first Research Bites (RB) organized by the Tasmania delegation of the Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific association (SRAP-IEAP) was held on December 14th, 2015, in Hobart, at the prestigious Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS, University of Tasmania). The event was organised by our members Paula Conde and Waldo Nuez, both IMAS staff, and […]

1st “Research Bites” in Tasmania

The first Research Bites (RB) organized by the Victoria (Australia) delegation of the Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific association (SRAP-IEAP) was held in La Trobe University (Melbourne) on Friday, 11th December 2015, from 5 – 8 pm. This event was organised by our member  Dr. Álvaro Roura, who works at  La Trobe […]

1st “Research Bites” in Victoria

Larva de Pulpo
Our member Dr. Álvaro Roura appeared recently in the Spanish newspaper “La Voz de Galicia” talking about his project on Octopus vulgaris paralarvae that is running with Jan Strugnell at La Trobe University (Melbourne Campus). We reproduce this interview, which was in Spanish, below. Dr. Álvaro Roura. In this project […]

Interview to Dr. Álvaro Roura and his research in Octopus

Last month the newly refurbished Sydney Astrophotonic Instrumentation Laboratory (SAIL) at the University of Sydney (NSW, Australia) were open for business. The SAIL research focuses in developing new concepts in photonics instrumentation applied to Astronomy. The SAIL laboratories are overseen and run by Dr. Sergio León-Saval, vice-president of SRAP-IEAP. SAIL […]

Interview to Sergio León-Saval, director of the Sydney Astrophotonic Instrumentation ...

event tile for water forum
The report can also be downloaded as PDF. Please see photo gallery at the end of this post – more photos coming soon!   Sydney 29-31 October 2015 SIMS (Sydney Institute of Marine Science) http://srap-ieap.org/waterforum2015/ https://twitter.com/srap_ieap The association of Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific (SRAP) is a non-for-profit organisation which commenced […]

Final report of the AUSTRALIA-SPAIN WATER FORUM: An interdisciplinary approach

¿Cuántos otros mundos existen fuera del Sistema Solar? Hasta la fecha, los astrofísicos han descubierto 1958 planetas alrededor de estrellas distintas al Sol. Se conocen 1241 sistemas planetarios, de los que 488 son sistemas múltiples (una estrella con al menos dos planetas). Estos números crecen rápidamente. En realidad se estima […]

Nombrando ExoMundos: #YoEstrellaCervantes

Back in March 2015 we organised the first Research Bites for SRAP to launch our association, meet other Spanish researchers in Australia and have some informal presentations to introduce each other’s work. It turned out to be an extremely successful day so we are now planning a second round of Research Bites. If […]

2nd Round of Research Bites on 24th Sept 2015 – ...

The three Australia-Pacific representatives in Madrid
Luis and I attended the meeting of the associations of Spanish researchers abroad. We were invited by the FECYT and it was a long-awaited meeting. These associations include a broad range of researchers whose commonality is that they are Spanish but their science/research belongs to the country that employs them. […]

Meeting of the associations of Spanish researchers abroad. Madrid, June ...