Dr. Mariel Familiar named “Inspiring Australia Queensland Ambassador 2023/4”

Our member, SRAP Queensland representative and social media manager, Dr Mariel Familiar López (Griffith University) was appointed as an Inspiring Australia Queensland (IAQ) Ambassador 2023/4. Her community engagement and outreach, and science communication work identified her as an exceptional and inspiring STEM leader by IAQ.

The IAQ program intends to support ambassadors to inspire young people and the general public, especially through regional and remote activities to ensure no-one gets left behind!

The IAQ project scope includes the design and implementation of activities/events/projects which will specifically contribute to the national Inspiring Australia strategy, and improve the communication, appreciation and understanding of scientific knowledge in Australian (Queensland) communities. We do this by Targeted Science Communication (TSC) and National Science Week (NSWk) – leveraging and building upon connections between scientists, organisations, businesses, students, and Queensland communities. Our engagement focuses on making STEM accessible, approachable, enjoyable and INSPIRING! https://www.inspiringqld.com.au/

At the start of November 2023 Mariel participated in her first regional events visiting Queensland communities in Roma, St George, Dalby, Chinchilla and Charleville, in partnership with the University of Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies Unit. Highlights included sessions with the Goondir Big Buddies at St George and Dalby and visiting so many schools in three days!

Below are some photos of the “Let’s Yarn about STEM” events and Ambassador presentation.

Roma Library STEM displays and discussions.

Dr. Mariel Familiar López (Griffith University & SRAP).