Marina Trigueros receives the 2021 SRAP Laureates Awards

I am delighted to announce the 2021 SRAP Laureates Awards. These Awards aim to recognise the excellency of the contribution to SRAP from member who have actively participated in the Board.

SRAP exists because we are a group of passionate researchers who dedicate significant hours on a voluntary basis driving the direction of the association, not only organising events like the SRAP Forum, but also conducting important invisible work such as engaging with our members, representing the association wherever we go and keeping the day-to-day administrative work which is slightly boring but key in keeping SRAP going.

Being part of the SRAP Board requires an enormous commitment and passion. As life moves on, some of the Board members have also moved on.

This year’s SRAP Laureate Award goes to Dr Marina Trigueros for her outstanding work as the Canberra representative for several years.

Marina is a great scientific illustrator and through her graphic design skills has produced a number of attractive and cheerful posts and comics promoting SRAP and in particular the female scientists we have in SRAP as part of international day of Women and girls in Science.

In addition, Marina was key in bringing Dr Francis Mojica, the pioneer of CRISPR, to Australia as part of an Asia-Pacific tour coordinated between our sister associations in Japan and China and the Embassy of Spain. Dr Mojica, representing SRAP, participated in a number of events and public lectures at key universities in Sydney and Canberra including the iconic Shine Dome building in Canberra.

On behalf of the SRAP Board I would like to thank Marina for all the hard work in making SRAP such a professional and friendly association of Spanish researchers in Australia-Pacific.

From left to right: Dr. Joaquín Valderrama (SRAP President), Dr Marina Trigueros (Phenomics Australia Communications and Outreach Coordinator and SRAP) receiving the 2021 SRAP Laureate Award, HE Ms Alicia Moral-Revilla (Ambassador of Spain in Australia),  Dr. Carmen Salvador Palomeque (SRAP Vice-President), and Dr. Ana Rubio (SRAP Secretary General).

This award comes with a special token, in our aim to support the work of local artists across Australia. In this occasion, this piece of art comes from Jodie Cunningham (, a digital designer artist expert in combining colours to create unique pieces of art. During her more than 25 years of experience, Jodie´s designs have appeared in public art, sculptures, jewelry and art design.

Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

About Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

My main research fields of interest include analysis of auditory evoked responses in different recording conditions, the mechanisms involved in the process of hearing, and signal processing methods for automatic assessment of auditory responses and artifact rejection techniques.