Research in Australia: Webinar and interviews with Casa Asia and Fundación Consejo España-Australia

During the last few weeks SRAP has collaborated with Casa Asia and Fundación Consejo España Australia to promote the work of Spanish researchers in Australia-Pacific and inform about the Australian research and academic system to Spanish researchers who might be interested on developing part of their work in Australia.

This collaboration was built in 2 parts:

  1. 3 short videos about Spanish researchers in Australia-Pacific, members of SRAP, talking about their work.
  2. A webinar on 17 November 2021 about the research and academic system in Australia.

Short videos with SRAP members

  1. Daniel Montesinos, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Tropical Herbarium , cuenta su experiencia como ecólogo y da consejos a futuros investigadores.


2. Marian Vidal-Fernández (University of Sydney)

economista laboral especializada en educación , cuenta su experiencia y da consejos a futuros investigadores.



3. Jonathan Ferrer Mestres, postdoctoral fellow (CSIRO)

postdoctoral fellow de la Organización de Investigación Científica e Industrial del Commonwealth (CSIRO) en Australia, explica la evolución de su formación desde la robótica hasta la inteligencia artificial enfocada a la preservación de ecosistemas naturales.


Webinar on 17 November


  • Amadeo Jensana, Director de Economía y Empresa, Casa Asia.
  • Vega Yubero, Directora, Fundación Consejo España Australia
  • Joaquín Valderrama, Presidente, Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific

Round table

  • Natividad Gómez Cerezo, Postdoctoral researcher, School of Dentistry, The University of Queensland.
  • Carmen Salvador Palomeque, Consultant, Scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, SRAP Vice-President
  • Sofía Samper Carro, Visitor, School of Archaeology and Anthropology, Australian National University, SRAP Representative in Canberra
  • Sergio León Saval, Director, Sydney Astrophotonic Instrumentation Laboratory, SRAP Honorary President


  • Ana Fuentes, Periodista, Ex corresponsal en Asia.
Participants in the webinar: From left to right and top to bottom: Amadeo Jensana, Vega Yubero, Joaquín Valderrama, Ana Fuentes, Natividad Gómez Cerezo, Carmen Salvador Palomeque, Sofía Samper Carro and Sergio León Saval.

Participants in the webinar: From left to right and top to bottom: Amadeo Jensana, Vega Yubero, Joaquín Valderrama, Ana Fuentes, Natividad Gómez Cerezo, Carmen Salvador Palomeque, Sofía Samper Carro and Sergio León Saval.

(The link to the webinar will be upload here when it is released).


About Angel.Lopez-Sanchez

Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez is an astrophysicist and science communicator working at the Australian Astronomical Optics (AAO) and the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Macquarie University (MQ) in Sydney (NSW, Australia). His research is focused in the analysis of star formation phenomena in galaxies of the Local Universe, especially in dwarf starbursts and spiral galaxies, using multi-wavelength (UV, optical, IR, radio) data. He presented his PhD Thesis at University of La Laguna and the Instituto Astrofisica de Canarias (Spain) in 2006. In 2007 he joined CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science (Sydney) with a postdoctoral position. He then joined the AAO (formerly the Australian Astronomical Observatory) and MQ in 2011. In July 2018 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer at AAO-MQ. He has been providing instrument and observing support at the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT, Siding Spring Observatory, NSW) since 2011, being the instrument scientist of several instruments: the multi-fiber spectrograph 2dF+AAOmega and the near-infrared imager and spectrograph IRIS2. He also has large experience with integral-field spectroscopy (IFS), being a very active member of the SAMI collaboration at the AAT and part of the HECTOR Science Team. He currently is the Instrument Scientist of KOALA+AAOmega at the AAT, and leads the international astronomy survey "HI KOALA IFS Dwarf and irregular galaxy Survey" (Hi-KIDS), that is getting unique, high-quality IFS data of a sample of 100 nearby dwarf and irregular galaxies for which 21cm H I interferometric data is available He has large experience teaching undergraduate and PhD students and giving lectures and classes about Astronomy. Dr. López-Sánchez is passionate science communicator who continuously gives talks and public lectures, writes popular science articles and organizes science communication events and stargazing activities. He is very active in social media, his Twitter feed is @El_Lobo_Rayado.