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Marta Ribó is a marine geologist Lecturer of Geosciences at the Auckland University of Technology. Her research is centred in understanding the seafloor geomorphology and sediment dynamics in shallow and deep waters, and assessing the impact on the seabed of human activities, including plastic pollution and anchor drag marks. Her research career started with the research of the bedforms geomorphology and the hydrodynamics involved in their formation and development in the Mediterranean Sea. After finishing her PhD in the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona (Spain), she conducted her first postdoc in Sydney (Australia), focusing on de study of sand deposits in the SE Australian continental margin. In February 2019 she moved to New Zealand, where she is currently completing her second postdoc on seabed geomorphology, sediment dynamics and anthropogenic impact. Her work involves using a wide range of methodologies spanning from seafloor mapping, seabed sampling and hydrodynamic monitoring; all conducted during scientific surveys on board of research vessels.

Our member Dr Marcos Roca-Cusachs has been awarded the 2nd SRAP-frA Early-Career Researcher Award. The 9th Australia-Spain Research Forum hosted the second edition of the SRAP-frA Early-Career Researcher Award. This award was organised by SRAP and was sponsored by the Ramón Areces Foundation (frA). The Award aimed to boost the career perspectives […]

Dr Marcos Roca-Cusachs: Winner of the 2nd SRAP-frA Early-Career Researcher ...

Today, on June 13, 2023, in the Spanish scientific radio program “Investigadores por el Mundo (Researchers around the World)”, episode 207, hosted and directed by Antonio G. Armas, our member Carmela Isabel Núñez Lendo has been interviewed. The interview is entitled “Coral Reef Restoration, Digital Citizenship in a Transforming World” […]

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(Post and interview only available in Spanish). Nuestra socia Dra. Elba Ramírez (Auckland University of Technology, Nueva Zelanda) ha sido entrevistada hoy en el programa de radio científico “Investigadores por el Mundo“, número 194, presentado y dirigido por Antonio G. Armas. La entrevista tiene el título “La interculturalidad: una herramienta para […]

Interview to Dr Elba Ramírez in “Investigadores por el Mundo”

En la madrugada del miércoles 16 de febrero (martes 15 de febrero en España) nuestra vicepresidenta, Dr Carmen Salvador Palomeque, la representante de SRAP en Nueva Zelanda, Dr Marta Ribó, y nuestro presidente, Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez, participaron en el programa de radio “Investigadores por el Mundo” dirigido por Antonio G. […]

Interview to SRAP members in Spanish radio show “Investigadores por ...

The Queen Charlotte Sound-Tōtaranui case study Plastics can enter the sea in many ways, including through sewage and wastewater systems, riverine inputs, aquaculture and fishing activities. Large plastic debris can break down into small pieces, micro-sized particles (< 5mm), which are not readily visible to the naked eye. Once in […]

Microplastics contamination in Aotearoa/New Zealand marine environments