1st Research Bites in Perth

Today we have had the 1st SRAP Research Bites in Perth. It has been organised by our member and coordinator of the WA SRAP Node Dr Sara Marrero Hernández (University of Western Australia). In total, 7 researchers presented their work in 5 minutes each.

Participants to the 1st SRAP Research bites in Perth on 28th April 2023. From left to right: Carlos Hurtado, Sara Marrero Hernández, Cristina Crespo García, Ignacio González-Álvarez, Ana Manero, Narciso Vilà Ramírez and Antonio Camacho.

The participants to the 1st SRAP Research Bites in Perth were:

  • Narciso Vilà Ramírez (Matrix Composites & Engineering)
    Impact Resistance Enhancement of Thermoplastic Composites for Frigid Polar Environments
  • Ignacio González-Álvarez (CSIRO)
    The Global Context and Challenge of Rare Earth Elements today and for Australia
  • Carlos Hurtado (Curtin University)
    DC current generation from friction on Silicon based diodes: Correlation between electrochemistry and current outputs
  • Ana Manero (Australian National University and University of Western Australia)
    Surfing Economics: how to understand and protect waves as valuable natural resources
  • Cristina Crespo García (Edith Cowan University)
    Fasting mimicking diet and exercise medicine as adjuvant therapies in the treatment of patients with breast cancer
  • Antonio Camacho (Telethon Kids Institute and University of Western Australia)
    The effect of pluralistic ignorance as misperception of social classroom norms in bullying
  • Sara Marrero Hernández (University of Western Australia)
    The perfect place in the perfect moment: research in the time of a pandemic

At the end of the presentations, the celebration was held at Reid Library L2 Conference Room of the University of Western Australia (UWA). During the dinner the participants continued talking about their research and brainstorming new ideas.