Seminar of Secondary Analysis of Large Databases at University of Canberra

On September 4, 2023, The Health Research Institute (HRI) of the University of Canberra organised the first seminar in a new series on Secondary Analysis of Large Databases coordinated by Prof L. Salvador-Carulla (Head of the HRI and SRAP Honorary President).

HRI invited eminent data scientists from the Centre for Big Data Research in Health at UNSW that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and other tools to analyse  large-scale electronic data spanning the biomedical, clinical, health services, and public health domains.

Associate Professor Blanca Gallego leads a research unit in Clinical Analytics and Machine Learning at the Center and SRAP member. She introduced the E-Research Institutional Cloud Architecture, ‘Erica,’ a secure cloud computing infrastructure for analysts  working with sensitive large-scale data, and discussed its advantages in simplifying data access and ethical procedures. She also explained her NHMRC Ideas project on the comparative effectiveness of interventions in complex mental health and cardiovascular diseases, in collaboration  with Prof  Salvador-Carulla and other researchers form University of Sydney and NSW Health.

Dr. Óscar Pérez-Concha, another senior researcher at the UNSW center as well as SRAP member, introduced the audience to his research on machine learning and system-based prediction algorithms in severe diabetes treated at ICU, emphasizing the importance of using available international big data sets to set up the proof of concept and to test the model, particularly in the event of a delay in accessing Australian large databases.

At the end of his presentation, Oscar acknowledged the association of Spanish Researchers in the Australia-Pacific (SRAP). The three participants in the event are members of this organization, which has played a major role in their ongoing collaboration.