Pintxos of Science: Ethics in the time of COVID

On the Thursday 27th May, we had a fantastic event organised by SRAP-IEAP (Spanish Researcher in Australia-Pacific) in partnership with the Gure Txoko Euskal Etxea – Basque Club/restaurant located in Sydney. The event was called ‘Pintxos of Science: Ethics in the time of Covid’ which consisted in three scientific talks followed by an interactive Q&A raising awareness of different aspects of the ethics around current covid times.

The event covered several topics including the context for ethical thinking and behaviour including the foundation stones of legal ethics theory upon which ethical legal practice can be built. For instance, Professor Francisco Esparraga addressed the meaning of what true professionals are and the role that we have as ethical leaders.

Furthermore, the talks also discussed overall pandemic ethics, the ethics of vaccination and healthcare resource allocation. For example, Dr Lai Heng Foong covered the strategy and considerations that medical professionals need to follow when providing care to covid infected patients was explained and discussed in detail.

Finally, Dr Xavier Simmons did a very impressive concluding remarks in which he mentioned current ethical dilemmas such as what is the government role during the pandemic and the moral-ethical problem that we are facing as a community.

The variety of expertise by our speakers made the event multidisciplinary and extremely informative.

SRAP-IEAP thanks the contribution of the speakers:

  • Dr Francisco Esparraga, Senior Lecturer, School of Law, The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • Dr Lai Heng Foong FACEM, BMBS, FACEM, MHS (International Health), BA(Hons)
  • Concluding remarks by Dr Xavier Symons, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Plunkett Centre for Ethics, Australian Catholic University

From left to right: Dr Xavier Symons, Dr. Lai Heng Foong, Inma Conde McAuley, Ana Rubio (SRAP-IEAP, co-organizer of the event) and Francisco Esparraga.

The event was moderated by our member Inma Conde McAuley and it was followed by a tasty portion of paella from Paella Show Catering.