Meeting with the Spanish speakers ambassadors in Australia

On 12 November 2019, SRAP was invited to participate at the annual meeting of Spanish speakers ambassadors in Australia, organised by the Embassy of Spain in Canberra. 12 ambassadors attended the event as well as the director of the Cervantes Institute in Sydney.

Dr Paula Llull attended the event in representation of the SRAP. She explained how the association was created and its objectives. In particular, she explained the ambassadors the activities that involved Latin American researchers such as the Research Bites in 2016, 2018 and 2019; the conference series “Research & Innovation Alliances between Australia and Ibero-America”; and the annual Research Forums.

Paula Llull was representing SRAP-IEAP during the meeting.

The ambassador of Spain, Mr Manuel Cacho, addressed the importance of the contacts the association has established with the industrial sector as well as its recent incorporation to the Science Diplomacy Club in Canberra.

The Spanish Ambassador in Australia, Manuel Cacho Quesada, and the Director of the Cervantes Institute in Sydney, Raquel Romero Guillemas, during the meeting.


Some of the ambassadors asked about the association’s constitution and suggested more activities with Latin American researchers in Australian universities in order to amplify their presence in Australia.


Paula Llull Llobera

About Paula Llull Llobera

My research deals with the aesthetic and philosophical theories that define the different art movements since the late 60s, specifically in the field of sculpture and installation art. In this context, I analyse the way artists have tackled the natural environment and in particular the work of three contemporary artists that address environmental issues within the museum institution; the Australian artist Janet Laurence is one of my case studies. Also, I am a regular contributor to “Sculpture” magazine and “re:sculpt” blog.