Traditional Agricultural Irrigation Systems in Vanuatu

Our partner and coordinator of the SRAP Delegation of the South Pacific Islands, Ricardo Domínguez Llosa (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations), has coordinated the creation of a video on irrigation in Vanuatu as part of the Integrated Sustainable Land and Coastal Management Project.

In Ricardo’s own words:

My work on the proposal for the “FAO Science and Innovation Forum” (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations). This is part of the research activities of the GEF-5//VAN-001 Project, which will lead to the full development of the proposal for “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems.”
During our research, we have found that this traditional type of cultivation is an excellent example of innovation for agri-food systems, with a short rotation period (3 to 4 months) and resilience to climate shocks such as cyclones. It also supports food security and systems in Vanuatu, and it is recognized by the local community for its high resilience to cyclones. Research shows that it has great potential for expanding this practice to provide sustainable food supplies to communities.

We believe that this “Case” will have a significant impact on the preservation and promotion of this unique agricultural system.


Update on 9 Aug 2023: The proposal led by our colleague Ricardo Dominguez (FAO SIF 2023) “Case studies of agrifood system technologies and innovations for climate action: Water Taro gardens Irrigation“, has been selected among 250 cases presented this year to the 2023 call. Only 10 proposals have been selected. The proposal will receive a grant and will be presented in public on October 19 in Rome.