Dr Marina Trigueros at the Australian Science Communicators Conference (ASC2023)

Dr Marina Trigueros, an SRAP member, and former Board member, was a featured speaker at the recent Australian Science Communicators Conference (ASC2023) held at the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra. Marina represented Phenomics Australia as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator, and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) program.

Phenomics Australia Communications and Outreach Coordinator, Dr Marina Trigueros (second from left), was part of the NCRIS Comms Network Panel “Communicating Research Infrastructure in Australia” speaking alongside her colleagues Ms Emma Joughin (AURIN), Ms Natalia Bateman (ACCESS-NRI), Dr Christina Hall (Australian BioCommons), Ms Belinda Cay (APPF), Ms Jo Savill (ARDC) and expertly moderated by Phil Dooley (HIAF).

She was part of the NCRIS Communications Network Panel, “Communicating Research Infrastructure in Australia,” where she joined forces with other science communicators experts. Together, they discussed the challenges and opportunities of communicating the vital work being done across 27 NCRIS-funded projects in fields like health, astronomy, geoscience, and more.

From discussing unique challenges to sharing successful communication initiatives, the panel provided valuable insights into the future of science communication and collaboration in Australia. And with the engaging discussion that followed, attendees were able to get their questions answered and share their insights. Stay tuned for more exciting ideas and initiatives that will come out of this experience.

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Marina Trigueros

About Marina Trigueros

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