“Diary of a GMO” featured at Questacon EuroScience Week

On the EuroScience Week, Dr Marina Trigueros, Scientific Illustrator, 3D animator and founder of Cariboo Design was invited to Questacon (Canberra) to showcase her latest educational resource “Diary of a GMO”.

This animation follows the journey of a genetically modified organism from its birth in a laboratory until it reaches the market. To watch the whole movie please click here.

EuroScience week,7-13 October, is part of the week-long school-holiday program and showcases ground-breaking European scientific achievements of the past, present and future! More info here.

About Marina Trigueros

Dr Marina Trigueros is a Science Illustrator and 3D Animator at Cariboo Design, a studio devoted to explaining scientific topics in an attractive way. She has a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, has worked in several research agencies for more than 12 years using GM technology and has extensive experience in science communication. She is a creative soul with two passions – science and design. Her creations aim to make a difference in the way organizations explain science, and how their target public understands it.

You can contact her @ marina.trigueros@cariboodesign.com

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Marina Trigueros

About Marina Trigueros

Scientific Graphic Designer and Animator at Cariboo Design a graphic design Studio devoted to Scientific Illustration. I also have a broad experience in scientific research. More info @ http://www.cariboodesign.com/ https://au.linkedin.com/in/marina-trigueros-b5aa84113 @cariboo_design