Bushwalk: From Cowan station to Brooklyn

Article by our member Óscar Pérez-Concha.

Team SRAP walked 13.5 kilometres on Saturday May 13. Beautiful walk, great company!

We were very lucky and had a beautiful day with perfect weather conditions. Sunny day, not very hot.

We met at Cowan station before 10 am. After having some coffee, we started our walk at Cowan train station. We arrived at Jerusalem bay in less than 1 hour (see photo below). This part of the trail was the easiest part: the whole way was downhill.

The landscape changed completely after Jerusalem Bay. Bye bye “downhill”, hello “hill”!!! We climbed up the steep hill and after what it seemed a long time, we finally made it to the top!!! The effort paid off! The views were gorgeous: we could see the magnificent undulated green “carpet” splashed by little bays and the great ocean at the very end. I love Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. I always say that this is one of my favourite places in the world and it truly is!

Speaking of views, we had a little incident when some of our members rushed to see the views from the shore of one lake and were attacked by giant ants!!! All good in the end!! No casualties or injured people. We continued walking and arrived at Brooklyn with plenty of time to have a beer at the local pub.

Great day. Thank you to all the members that came along. I am looking forward to the next adventure.


Oscar Perez-Concha

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