Entrada sólo disponible en inglés. What a success! This time, our invited guest Joaquin Valderrama Ramos shared us many interesting mathematical secrets hidden in the walls of the most representative buildings in Sydney. Joaquin is a passionate of math. He was a math teacher in a high school in Granada. He is […]

Resumen del Paseo Matemático en Sídney

SRAP-IEAP está organizando un paseo matemático por Sydney. En esta ocasión, daremos un paseo e intentaremos ver el centro de Sydney [Queen Victoria Building, Catedral de St Mary, Opera House y el Puente de Sydney] con ojos matemáticos, identificando detalles de la arquitectura y otras peculiaridades científicas que seguramente pasan […]

Paseo matemático en Sídney

The event The Science of Sydney’s Spanish Researchers took place on the 4th of October at 6.00pm at the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney. A group of Spanish researchers presented their research, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. This event was scheduled initially for the 18 August 2017 during National Science Week. […]

Event for National Science Week 2017