Resumen del Paseo Matemático en Sídney

Entrada sólo disponible en inglés.

What a success! This time, our invited guest Joaquin Valderrama Ramos shared us many interesting mathematical secrets hidden in the walls of the most representative buildings in Sydney.

Joaquin is a passionate of math. He was a math teacher in a high school in Granada. He is now retired, and he enjoys his free time doing what he likes the most, disseminating knowledge. He is an author of a very successful blog about mathematical promenades in Alhambra, a beautiful Arabic palace situated in the south of Spain. He is also a Domino genius, and a painter enthusiast (the artwork shown above is one of his creations). It was a privilege to have him with us.

During the promenade, we visited the Queen Victoria Building and St Mary’s Cathedral. We learnt that many of the proportions observed in the structures of the buildings were not by chance, and that they responded to very well defined proportions like √2 or the Golden Proportion. We also learnt about mosaics, and after some entertaining exercises with scissors and paper, we understood how we could build mosaics with rotations, reflections and translations.

Above all, the atmosphere was superb, and the activity was a great chance to get to know people with different backgrounds, but with something in common: curiosity. Below are some photographs that show the essence of the day.

Last, but not least, SRAP would like to thank all the attendants for their massive participation in this activity; to Macquarie University for providing us with their tour-guide system; to Instituto Cervantes for helping us promote this activity; and to Mr Juan Manuel Molina Lamothe, Consul-General of Spain in Sydney, for his assistance and for his constant support to our activities.

Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

Acerca de Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

My main research fields of interest include analysis of auditory evoked responses in different recording conditions, the mechanisms involved in the process of hearing, and signal processing methods for automatic assessment of auditory responses and artifact rejection techniques.