Post sólo disponible en inglés. Science & Art came together in a Snorkeling event followed by a guided tour of an art exhibition in collaboration with the Seaweed Forest Festival 2021. SRAP-IEAP, the Spanish marine ecologist, Associate Professor Adriana Vergés, and her Operation Crayweed team shared the success of their […]

Snorkel y visita guiada durante el Seaweed Forest Festival 2021

Nuestra vicepresidenta, Dr. Carmen Salvador Palomeque, ha sido entrevistada sobre su investigación y su trabajo hoy, 30 de marzo de 2021, en el programa de radio Pròxima parada de Radio Valencia. La entrevista completa (en español) está disponible en la web de Radio Valencia (comienza en el minuto 19) o en este […]

Entrevista de Carmen Salvador Palomeque en radio Valencia

This post is only available in English. On 13th November 2020 SRAP-IEAP organised a special online Research Bites event of Molecular Science: «NANOBODIES: Tiny Antibodies«. Given that speakers were in Europe, Australia and USA, this event happened at midnight Australia time. The main organiser was our member Carmen Salvador Palomeque. The event was […]

Research Bites de Ciencia Molecular: NANOBODIES: Diminutos anticuerpos

(Post sólo disponible en inglés) How can half of our genetic information be ‘junk’? Only a really small portion (~2-3%) of the genetic information in our genomes encodes what scientists thought to be functional information necessary for the survival of cells. The rest of the genome was thought to be […]

Research Bites: La materia oscura del Genoma