Snorkel y visita guiada durante el Seaweed Forest Festival 2021

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Science & Art came together in a Snorkeling event followed by a guided tour of an art exhibition in collaboration with the Seaweed Forest Festival 2021.

SRAP-IEAP, the Spanish marine ecologist, Associate Professor Adriana Vergés, and her Operation Crayweed team shared the success of their restoration project with the attendees through a guided snorkeling tour, searching for newly recruited Crayweed in the area of Manly at Cabbage Tree Bay last Saturday 1st May.

Crayweed (Phyllospora comosa) is a large seaweed that disappeared from Sydney’s coastline several decades ago. Its disappearance was linked to water pollution. Crayweed was recently re-introduced to a section of coastline at Cabbage Tree Bay (Manly).

Following the snorkeling tour, attendees visited the Seaweed Festival where the award-winning artist Jennifer Turpin gave a guided to of her art exhibition created from seaweed across the Australian coastline. Jennifer and her artistic partner, Michaelie Crawford, create large-scale public, community, and environmental artwork with the aim to reconnect people with nature, in place and with community. Their projects seek to reveal the invisible, remember the forgotten, and imagine the future.

Some photos of the event: