Professor Luis Salvador-Carulla named “Researcher of the Year” at University of Canberra

Our honorary president Prof Luis Salvador-Carulla has been named “Researcher of the Year 2023” at University of Canberra, following the Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards 2023.


The details, in these news of the University of Canberra:

Professor of Mental Health Luis Salvador-Carulla is an award-winning mental health expert and the Deputy Director of the Health Research Institute (HRI). He has developed and intensively participated in international research in mental health, digital health, person-centred medicine, healthy aging, and impact analysis.

Over three years, he has participated in eight research projects which had an overall budget of over $10 million, and a direct contribution of over $5 million to HRI. His team’s tools are utilised in 35 countries, and have earned prestigious awards in Europe and Australia for their impact on public agency planning and advancements in neurodevelopmental disorder classification.

Beyond research, Professor Salvador-Carulla mentors and supports staff within the Faculty of Health and beyond, fostering project participation and international collaborations, while enhancing the PhD path for senior students coming from the public sector.

“I am very proud to be part of this work. I think the University is a wonderful environment and the best place I’ve ever worked in. We have been working on Indigenous healthcare with Indigenous communities in North Queensland this last year, to understand their needs, and how to support them to get better services. Our work with the Indigenous communities has been our best achievement this last year,” said Professor Salvador-Carulla.


Prof Luis Salvador-Carulla collecting the 2023 Research of the Year Award at University of Canberra.

Huge congrats, Luis!