Close-up magic show in the Cervantes Institute

It is not just about science in SRAP-IEAP! There is also room to share culture and the abilities of our members. This time, Joaquin Valderrama did a close-up magic session [not just for children], in which everyone got very excited with the amazing and unexpected effects. The event was on Saturday, 5th October 2019

In words of the magician: “Magic is able to transport you to another reality. It is a feeling that only lasts a fraction of a second, then you go back to normal reality, but that feeling is something very special”.

This activity was the result of the close relationship that SRAP-IEAP and Instituto Cervantes have held for a long time, and took place within the framework of the 10th Anniversary of Insituto Cervantes. From SRAP-IEAP, we cannot thank enough the Director of the Instituto Cervantes Ms. Raquel Romero, and the Director of Culture Ms. Miriam Garcia for their invitation and for the efficient management of the activity.

Due to the strong interest in this activity, and to the fact that entry tickets ran out very quickly, Joaquin Valderrama has agreed to repeat this activity along 2020, so stay tuned!

You can enjoy a short (1 minute) video of Joaquin’s show in this link (.MOV file, 119 Mb)

Some photos of the event:



Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

About Joaquin Tomas Valderrama Valenzuela

My main research fields of interest include analysis of auditory evoked responses in different recording conditions, the mechanisms involved in the process of hearing, and signal processing methods for automatic assessment of auditory responses and artifact rejection techniques.