2nd “Research Bites” in Canberra

The second Research Bites (RB) organized by the ACT delegation of the Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific association (SRAP-IEAP) was held on November 30th 2016 in Canberra, at the Crawford School of Public Policy (ANU, Australian National University). The event was organised by our members Marina Trigueros (Cariboo Design) and Mar Racionero (Research School of Economics-ANU).


We had amazing talks about the Research done in Canberra by Spanish Researches. From studies to give advice in preventing fires to new methods of keeping water clean, we also learned about the insides of economical optimal redistribution and the next big thing…sensors in agriculture!


  1. Dr Marina Trigueros: CEO and Scientific Graphic designer at Cariboo Design. SRAP News and Updates.
  2. Dr Mar Racionero: Associate Professor at Research School of Economics, CBE, (ANU). Optimal Redistribution.
  3. Mr Adrián Garrido: PhD Student at School of Physical Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, ADFA. New Technologies to Reuse Water.
  4. Dr Jose Antonio Jiménez Berni: Research Team Leader at CSIRO: Translational Phenomics and Services. The Next Big Thing…Sensors in Agriculture.
  5. Dr Marta Yebra: Research Fellow at the Water and Landscape Dynamics Group in the Fenner School of Environment and Society (ANU). Remote Sensing of Bushfire.

2researchbitescanberraFirst Research Bites of the SRAP-IEAP in Canberra, Australia. Credit: Marina Trigueros and Mar Racionero

Thanks to all the amazing speakers and the audience for coming!

The event ended up having some beers at the fantastic gardens of the Fellow’s Bar and Café (University House-ANU).

Our brains are now full with new possibilities! Results of this will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Marina Trigueros

About Marina Trigueros

Scientific Graphic Designer and Animator at Cariboo Design a graphic design Studio devoted to Scientific Illustration. I also have a broad experience in scientific research. More info @ http://www.cariboodesign.com/ https://au.linkedin.com/in/marina-trigueros-b5aa84113 @cariboo_design