Noelia Martínez lidera el segmento terrestre para usar telescopio de ANU como soporte para satélites equipados con comunicaciones cuánticas

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Our member Dr Noelia Martínez (ANU) is leading the “ground segment” work package to Scope the use of the ANU optical ground station (OGS) to provide ground segment support for Arqit satellites. This work package includes a design study for a demonstration integrating the Arqit satellite payload simulator with the ANU adaptive optics (AO) system to determine the performance enhancement the AO would provide when equipped to an optical ground station; it also includes the link budget definition for a space-to-ground test using the Arqit demonstrator satellite and the ANU OGS.

She is going to work together with A/Prof Francis Bennet, ANU InSpace Mission Specialist for advanced communication and manager of the laser communications program at the ANU Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Centre.

The ANU Department of Quantum Sciences will lead and work on the quantum payload work package. Throughout the whole project, ANU will work in close collaboration with the UK spin-off company Arqit.


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