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Juan Jose Navarro Subires

Mr. Juan Jose Navarro Subires


Position: Collaborator Research Project Grant The Ethics, Policy and Regulation of Organ Donation and Transplantation in Australia.

Department: Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine (VELiM)

University/Institute/Company: The University of Sydney


Organ transplantation can save lives and significantly improve quality of life. Yet, the global demand for organs vastly exceeds supply. In Australia deceased organ donation rates are significantly lower than in most developed countries and rates of living donation are declining despite significant federal commitments to the funding of organ donation and transplantation. This results in a significant burden to the economy and means patients and families continue to live with chronic or terminal illnesses. There is also data suggesting that inequalities exist regarding the allocation of donor organs which may not be explained by practical challenges specific to Australia. The aims of this project are 1) to understand the clinical, ethical, legal, policy and social context of organ donation, the barriers to increasing Australia’s organ donation rates and the impact of the shortage of deceased and living donor organs; and 2) to develop recommendations for reform to ensure organ donation and transplantation policies and processes are efficient, equitable and ethical.

Disciplines: Law

  • Law: Legal Fundaments, Public Law

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