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Gabriel Molina Terriza

Prof. Gabriel Molina Terriza


Position: Associate Professor

Department: Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

University/Institute/Company: Macquarie University


I am an Associate Professor at Macquarie University. I lead an experimental research group (one post-doctoral researchers, five Ph.D. students). We study the interactions of light and matter at the nanoscale, focusing on applications to Quantum Metrology, Quantum Information and Nanophotonics. We are experts in using the spatial properties of light to unveil properties of matter, implement quantum cryptography protocols and quantum and classical metrology. I am author of more than 60 international journal papers and have been invited to present my results on over 20 international conferences. Some of my scientific findings have attracted the attention of the general media (radio, TV, newspapers and popular science magazines). Since August 2015 I am the Director of the Macquarie Research Centre in Quantum Science and Technology.

Disciplines: Physics

  • Physics: Electromagnetism, Optics, Quantum Physics

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