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Pablo Rozas Larraondo

Dr. Pablo Rozas Larraondo


Position: Managing Director

University/Institute/Company: Haizea Analytics


Pablo Rozas Larraondo is co-founder and managing director of Haizea Analytics while retaining a part-time position as a research scientist at The Australian National University.

He received his engineering degree (2004) from Universidad Publica de Navarra, Spain. He worked for two years as a graduate trainee in the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) in the UK, developing network infrastructure to disseminate weather products to the member states. He then joined the Spanish national weather service, where he served five years in different roles assisting in weather forecasting activities. In 2012, he joined CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere division in Canberra to work on solar power forecasting. In 2015, he joined the National Computational Infrastructure as a high-performance data software engineer. 

In 2019, Larraondo received a PhD on the application of machine learning to improve numerical weather prediction and automate forecasting activities. As a researcher, Larraondo’s primary interest is in large-scale data processing systems and machine learning methodologies to understand the relationship between dynamic processes in the atmosphere and at the Earth’s surface. 

He joined the Centre for Water and Landscape Dynamics group in 2017 as a research scientist under the supervision of Prof. Albert van Dijk. Here, he explored the application of neural networks to model land and atmospheric processes using remote sensing and numerical products. He also delivered Python-based training material and courses on remote sensing and geospatial analysis to more than 200 students in numerous courses, including a contract for Geoscience Australia to deliver customised training on the use of their Digital Earth Australia platform.

In 2021, Larraondo founded Haizea Analytics. As managing director, he oversees all business operations while ensuring the company delivers high-quality, innovative solutions to its clients. His role is divided between technical development and developing client relationships. On the technical side, he works closely with Haizea’s development team to develop Terrakio, its unique cloud geospatial data server, and on-demand analytics platform. He cultivates strong relationships with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges and helps them leverage Haizea’s technology offerings to achieve their goals.

Larraondo has been embedded in scientific teams throughout his career, which has provided him with a deep understanding of general scientific and domain-specific challenges. This understanding drives his passion for finding innovative software solutions to improve our understanding of the atmosphere and the Earth’s surface processes. His expertise in software engineering and exposure to scientific research enabled him to develop robust and user-friendly solutions that effectively address scientific challenges and advance the field of geospatial analytics.

Disciplines: Computer Science

  • Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Network, Data Mining, Distributed Computing, Parallel Computing

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