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Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nieto

Dr. Juan Manuel Gonzalez Nieto


Position: Laboratory director and co-founder

University/Institute/Company: Teron Labs


I am broadly interested in the areas of applied cryptography and formal evaluation of information security,  At Teron Labs, we focus on product security testing, which, in short, means that we study their design and implementation in order to validate the security claims of their manufacturers.   We also conduct R&D in related areas of interest.  Current projects include post-quantum cryptography, statistical models for entropy sources used for random number generation and application of machine learning to protocol fuzzing.

Before moving to industry, I worked in academia for over 10 years. During that time my main research interest was on provable security models for cryptographic protocols, but also managed to get my hands dirty in many aspects of cryptography and information security more generally.

Disciplines: Computer Science

  • Computer Science: Algorithms, Computer Communications (Networks), Computer Security and Reliability

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