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Pablo Corcho Caballero

Mr. Pablo Corcho Caballero


Position: Cotutelle PhD Student

Department: Australian Astronomical Optics (MQ) & Departamento de Física Teórica (UAM)

University/Institute/Company: Macquarie University & Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


I’m a PhD candidate at Macquarie U. and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated by the vastness of the night sky. Lying on the grass in my hometown while watching the Milky Way with my friends will always be one of my sweetest memories. Nowadays, my research verses on understanding how galaxies evolve through cosmic time, using large observational data sets and cosmological simulations.

In particular, my research focuses on which physical processes are the main drivers of the formation of stars within galaxies and why some galaxies stops forming stars at some point along their lives. To tackle this question, I use a relatively modern technique called Integral Field Spectroscopy, that consists of observing galaxies using intruments that provide spatial and spectral information simultaneously. On the other hand, I use cosmological simulations, containing hundreds of thousands of galaxies, to constrain our current theoretical understanding about the formation and evolution of galaxies.

At present, I am involved on several international projects aimed to survey the sky and observe a large amount of galaxies employing cutting-edge instrumentation.

Disciplines: Physics

  • Physics: Cosmology

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