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Marcos Sande-Melon

Dr. Marcos Sande-Melon


Position: Postdoctoral Fellow

Department: Organogenesis and Cancer Research

University/Institute/Company: Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre/University of Melbourne


Marcos is a Preclinical Researcher in the field of regenerative medicine. Marcos’ main research focus lays the discovery of new techniques in the field regenerative medicine and the molecular underpinnings to promote regeneration in damaged tissues. Microscopy (image analysis) and next-generation sequencing are my main areas of expertise. During Marcos’ research career, he has been involved in several fields: cardiac regeneration, melanoma cancer research, and vaccines development in collaboration with clinicians and researchers.

Disciplines: Biology, Medicine

  • Biology: Bioinformatics, Genetics
  • Medicine: Cardiology, Hepatology

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