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Position: Student


University/Institute/Company: PARUL UNIVERSITY


As the time came for me to determine my personal and professional objectives, I made the conscious decision to pursue a sector that would provide me a sense of accomplishment while also having a beneficial influence on humanity. I realized that a career in medicinal physics would allow me to achieve these goals. In retrospect, my ever-growing commitment to medicine and how to connect it with my core subject i.e., Physics has been crystallizing for years. My strong interests in medicinal chemistry, physics, and the healthcare to be particularly well suited to this subject, and they have well prepared me for such a pivotal decision at this point in my life.

When I first wanted to pursue this field of research and development, I was not sure if I will fit in this vast field of medicine. My country doesn’t have that much scope for this field and only few universities provide this certification. And by doing this internship and well as being a medical physicist will set an example to the generation and people who think medicine is only for students who keep biology as their core and not meant for math related subjects. Due to my financial conditions I maybe not be able to pursue the dream of becoming doctor but I can be a medical physicist that can still save lives of people. Physics is not a subject for me it is my whole world of understanding and imaging the people and world around me and if I will be able to connect this imagination with medicine it will become a whole new impact for me as well as for the people who are around me.

What I understood being a medical physicist is that medical physicists are responsible for a wide range of activities in contemporary hospitals that utilize radiation technology. Medical physicists, as members of a team of health professionals, play a critical role in ensuring the safe and effective use of radiation in medicine. These quality objectives are met by implementing QA/QC protocols in the context of radiation-related technologies, radiation therapy dose planning and verification, diagnostic image optimization and dose reduction, and data management and analysis, all of which are based on a thorough understanding of radiation physics principles and radiation technology.

Many people have asked me why I want to work as a medical physicist as after doing Bachelors in physics most choose to go in nuclear, atomic, astronomy and many other field which are disciples of physics and math but my interest in treating and saving lives of people with my interest of subject will not only enhance my responsibility towards native citizens but also will give me a purpose and appreciation of my life. After much consideration, I’ve come to realize that having the capacity to assist others in communicating gives me immense internal satisfaction and gives me the sensation that my life’s efforts have been directed in a constructive manner. Becoming a medical physics scientist in the field of medicine is the conclusion of a longstanding passion, and I am prepared to devote myself to accomplishing this objective, as I have in the past.

Disciplines: Physics

  • Physics: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Electromagnetism, Mechanics, Medical Physics, Quantum Physics

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