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Irene Gallego Romero

Dr. Irene Gallego Romero


Position: Senior Lecturer

University/Institute/Company: University of Melbourne


Dr Irene Gallego Romero studies how changes in DNA sequence contribute to human and primate evolution, whether recent or ancient. Her research is both computational and experimental, spanning large datasets from 100s of individuals to in-depth looks at individual cells. Currently a senior lecturer in systems genetics at the School of BioSciences and the Centre for Stem Cell Systems at the University of Melbourne, as a postdoctoral researcher she developed pluripotent stem cell lines from chimpanzees as a model system with which to study the molecular mechanisms that underlie human uniqueness. Since moving to Australia in 2017 her research has focused on the evolutionary challenges of peopling Island Southeast Asia.

Disciplines: Anthropology, Biology

  • Anthropology: Biological Anthropology
  • Biology: Bioinformatics, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Human Biology

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