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Natalia Ortiz

Dr. Natalia Ortiz


Position: Lecturer and Convenor

Department: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

University/Institute/Company: UNSW


I am an award-winning filmmaker and a lecturer in Spanish Pop Culture and Latin American Cinema at UNSW. I am an experienced Executive and Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. I am skilled in International Project Management, Film Production, Film Editing, and Film Festivals. In addition to my work experience, I have a solid education in the Arts as a Doctor in Creative Arts, a Master in Media Arts and Production, a Diploma in Film Directing and a Diploma in Visual Arts demonstrating my passion for creativity, innovation and research.
My creative work and research explore the need to belong and interrogates how migrants’ experiences are portrayed in Australia while aiming to meaningfully engage with broader debates on migrants’ representation through an innovative online project.

Disciplines: Entertainment and Arts, Political Science

  • Entertainment and Arts: Visual Arts
  • Political Science: International Relations, Race, Ethnicity and Politics