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Nekane Reta Murua

Dr. Nekane Reta Murua


Position: Development Chemist

University/Institute/Company: PPG Architectural Coatings


I graduated from my PhD in Chemical and Bionanomaterial Engineering applied to the water and food industry, that was awarded to me by the University of South Australia in 2018. During my PhD I designed, fabricated and validated nanostructured sensors for early warning of contamination episodes in water. In particular, these sensors were developed for the for the rapid, sensitive and reliable electrochemical detection of key microorganisms in water supplies including MS2 bacteriophage, lipopolysaccharides and norovirus. Results demonstrated excellent performance with detection limits at levels encountered for water quality analysis. The simplicity and excellent performance of these platforms can pave the way towards the development of future point-of-care electronic devices, not limited to water analysis but also relevant to biomedical diagnostics.
Currently, I am working as a Development Chemist at PPG Architectural Coatings

Disciplines: Chemistry, Engineering

  • Chemistry: Biochemistry, Electrochemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nanobiochemistry, Nanotechnology, Spectroscopy
  • Engineering: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering

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