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Javier Alvarez-Mon Sanchez

Prof. Javier Alvarez-Mon Sanchez


Position: Professor in Near Eastern Archaeology and Art

Department: History and Archaeology

University/Institute/Company: Macquarie University


Javier Álvarez-Mon, a native of Spain, holds degrees in ancient Near Eastern art and archaeology from the École du Louvre (Paris) and the University of California at Berkeley (USA), and in Religious Studies and Theology from the Graduate Theological Union and Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley. A 2003 Fullbright-Hays (DDRA) Fellow and 2014–2018 Future Fellow (Australian Research Council), he has taught at the University of Sydney (Australia) and is presently Professor in Near Eastern Archaeology and Art at Macquarie University, Sydney (Australia). He is author and co-editor of numerous articles dedicated to the ancient Iranian civilizations of Elam and early Achaemenid Persia, as well as several books: The Arjan Tomb (2010), Elam and Persia (2011), The Elamite World (with Basello and Wicks, 2018), The Monumental Reliefs of the Elamite Highlands: A Complete Inventory and Analysis (from the Seventeenth to the Sixth Century BC) (2019), and The Art of Elam (ca. 4200-525 BC) (2020).

Disciplines: History

  • History: Cultural History, History of Art, History of Religion

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