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Daniel Rodriguez Waslicka

Mr. Daniel Rodriguez Waslicka


Position: Graphic design, visual/fine arts and photography

University/Institute/Company: Enmore TAFE


Daniel Rodriguez is a graphic designer and photographer based in Sydney. Wallace’s diversity of skills and experiences shape his photographic practice. From humble beginnings shooting concerts and festivals in his hometown of Madrid, to photojournalism of his travel across country in Europe, Asia and migration to Australia. Daniel has expanded his repertoire of photographic skills to include commercial photography– receiving his Diploma of Commercial Photography from The Western Sydney Institute of TAFE in 2015 and a ‘diploma of Visual Arts at TAFE in Kogarah in 2018.
His work experience in Graphic design started in 2007 employed in a company called “Virtual Skill S.L.” in Spain, doing books and working predominantly for the Yellow Pages. He used at that time QuarkXpress, Freehand and Photoshop. Then, He moved to another company called “Grupo Diagrama” doing a similar job, working for the yellow pages for 2 and a half years, working
in different departments; image, layout, etc. After a long period of working in different areas, Wallace started to do some jobs as a freelance, predominantly brochures, layouts, logos, branding, etc.
Wallace’s approach to commercial photography is organic, wherein the subject informs his process and they work together, using available or studio lighting, to create powerful and original images. From bus windows or
sidewalks, Wallace finds inspiration in his glimpses of fleeting moments in time, however complex they may seem. Similarly, Wallace’s portraiture honors the imperfections and complexities of the model, as he perceives each
blemish or impurity as defining and fascinating. From the textures of the skin, to the delicate fibers of the iris – minor details are made marvelous.
Drawing inspiration from Cindy Sherman, Wallace often uses himself as a model in his studio, where he exaggerates attributes and uses processes of role-playing to express a unique story with each portrait. In addition, Wallace
has been an avid street photographer since 2009. His passion for street photography has lead him to access unique and at times interesting situations in the street, producing evocative images which conjure the work of Vladimir ‘Boogie’
Milivojevich and Bruce Gilden. Wallace’s years of experience in candid photography through his street photography and photojournalism, has trained his eye to capture the passing moment, which he utilizes to create compelling
event and studio photography.

Disciplines: Entertainment and Arts

  • Entertainment and Arts: Performing Arts, Visual Arts

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