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Álvaro Mella López

Mr. Álvaro Mella López


Position: Student

Department: International Relations

University/Institute/Company: Complutense University of Madrid


I am in my last year of the International Relations degree at the Complutense University. I would like to specialize in Pacific affairs. Next December I represent New Zealand on a security and defense committee in the ASEM student model. I have New Zealand relatives, and I have lived during part of my childhood in Christchurch. From Spain it is very difficult to dedicate myself professionally to study Oceania geopolitics, and that is why I would like to be part of your association, since I am willing to investigate the politics and international relations of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Disciplines: Political Science

  • Political Science: Comparative Democratization, Conflict Processes, Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations, Foreign Policy, Human Rights, International History and Politics, International Relations, International Security and Arms Control, Legislative Studies, National Politics, Political Organizations and Parties, Political Science Education, Politics and History, Race, Ethnicity and Politics, Representation and Electoral Systems, State Politics and Policy

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