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Cesar Sanchez Huertas

Dr. Cesar Sanchez Huertas


Position: Vice Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Researcher

Department: Integrated Photonics and Applications Centre

University/Institute/Company: RMIT University/School of Engineering


Leader of the Biomedical Applications team at the Integrated Photonics and Applications Centre. The team aims to make an impact in the future of diagnostics by offering advanced tests for the early prediction of illnesses. Our intention is to foster the development of individually tailored therapies for more personalized medicine. The team focuses on highly multi-faceted collaborative research spanning from the clinic and industry, to biochemistry, chip design, microfluidics, signal processing and bioanalytical assays among others in order to meet the needs required for the end-users. Among our aims is to operate across the translational research life cycle: development of complete Point of care applications that lead to clinical trials, which in turn feed new hypotheses back to the laboratory.

Disciplines: Biology, Engineering

  • Biology: Biotechnology, Cancer Research
  • Engineering: Biomedical Engineering

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