Tal y como anunciamos en Febrero, SRAP-IEAP es de nuevo patrocinado del festival internacional Pint of Science en su edición de 2018. Cinco de nuestros socios presentarán charals en el festival: una en Canberra y cuatro en Sídney, entre el lunes 14 y el miércoles 16 de mayo. Todos los detalles […]

SRAP en Pint of Science 2018

El fin de semana del sábado 21 al domingo 22 de abril, la SRAP organizó una visita especial al Observatorio de Siding Spring (Coonabarabran, NSW), que fue coordinada por nuestro socio, el astrofísico Ángel López-Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory / Macquarie University). Los 32 participantes de SRAP no sólo vieron las […]

Visita de SRAP al Observatorio de Siding Spring

Nuestra socia, Assoc Prof Ana Vila-Concejo (Geocoastal Research Group, The University of Sydney), ha participado recientemente en varias entrevistas de radio y podcast, donde ha hablado sobre su investigación y sus actividades extra curriculares a favor de la Ciencia Española y en apoyo de las Mujeres en Ciencia. Oh yes, […]

Ana Vila-Concejo en radio y podcasts

Dear SRAP members, Remember that tomorrow, Friday 3-November-2017, SRAP will host the 3rd Australia-Spain Research Forum: Air [] in Sydney. Sydney: If you miss it, no worries. Monday 6-November-2017, the Air Forum continues in Canberra. Canberra: Find more details below. Kind regards, Oscar on behalf of the SRAP Board. Dear SRAP members, It is my pleasure to invite you to the 3rd Australia-Spain Research Forum: Air [], organised by the Association of Spanish Researchers in the Australia-Pacific (SRAP). The yearly Forums organised by the SRAP are intended as an opportunity for Spanish and Australian researchers to meet, with the aims of involving as many different agents as possible, improving professional and academic connections between them, and promoting the scientific culture and knowledge to the general public. This year the Forum will be divided between Sydney and Canberra on the 3rd and 6th of November respectively. This year the selected topic for the Forum is Air. In the Sydney event we have put together a diverse range of distinguished speakers to talk about the relevance of hearing and communication, climate change and air quality, society, air industry and culture. The Sydney event will also have a very interesting round table about human overpopulation and human’simpact on Earth. In the Canberra event, the topic of the Forum will be focused on Science Diplomacy and the European Research as a single market and its implications for Australia. Please find attached the program of the Forum with more detailed information. Anyone with interest in the topic is more than welcome to attend. For those attending, we’d be most grateful if you could take a few moments to complete our registration form via the links below, for catering purposes. In Sydney, the Forum will take place in the Level 1 Lecture Theatre of the Australian Hearing HubMacquarie Universityon Friday 3rd of November 2017. In Canberra, the Forum will take place in the ANU Centre for European Studies, 1 Liversidge Street, ANU on Monday 6thof November 2017. I look forward to seeing you at the Forum. Yours faithfully, Sergio on behalf of the SRAP Board.  

3rd AUSTRALIA-SPAIN RESEARCH FORUM: AIR 3rd of November in Sydney ...

Dear SRAP members, The event NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK will take place on the 4th of October at 6.00 PM at the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney. A group of Spanish researchers will present their research, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. This event was scheduled initially for the 18 August 2017. Due to the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, the Government of Spain declared three days of National Mourning. Therefore, all the events scheduled for those days were cancelled as a sign of respect and solidarity with all the victims. RSVP: We hope to see you all at the Cervantes Institute (4 October at 6.00 PM). Kind regards, Oscar on behalf of the SRAP.

SRAP-Cervantes Institute (4-10-2017, 6pm): National Science Week

Prof Montserrat Vilà, research professor at Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC) in Seville (Spain) will give a presentation on the impacts of biological invasions with special emphasis on a global analysis of the ecological effects of alien plants on native species and ecosystems in the introduced range. The talk will also describe how impacts are quantified, as well some ways to conduct risk analysis of invasion in Europe. Biological invasions occur when species are introduced by humans beyond their natural dispersal ranges, establishing and spreading in the region. Some impacts can affect socioeconomic sectors such as forestry, agriculture or public health. From the management and policy perspective it is important to identify which invasive species are causing, or have the potential to cause, major impacts. A panel of experts, will lead an insightful discussion with Prof Vila on the impacts of biological invasions in the Australian context. For more information and to register:

Impacts of Biological Invasions

El 30 de noviembre del 2016 la delegación en ACT de la Asociación de Investigadores Españoles en Australia-Pacífico (SRAP-IEAP) organizó el segundo Research Bites en Canberra. El evento tuvo lugar en el Crawford School of Public Policy (ANU, Australian National University) y estuvo organizado por Marina Trigueros (Cariboo Design) y Mar Racionero […]

Segundo “Research Bites” en Canberra

Nos complace anunciar el segundo de una serie de eventos anuales organizados por la asociación Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific – Investigadores Españoles en Australia-Pacífico. El tema elegido para el congreso de este año es Light (Luz). El objective de los Australia-Spain Research Forums es presentar a una comunidad amplia temas […]

Anuncio del “2nd Australia – Spain Research Forum: Light”