Dear SRAP members, The event NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK will take place on the 4th of October at 6.00 PM at the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney. A group of Spanish researchers will present their research, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion. This event was scheduled initially for the 18 August 2017. Due to the terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, the Government of Spain declared three days of National Mourning. Therefore, all the events scheduled for those days were cancelled as a sign of respect and solidarity with all the victims. RSVP: We hope to see you all at the Cervantes Institute (4 October at 6.00 PM). Kind regards, Oscar on behalf of the SRAP.

SRAP-Cervantes Institute (4-10-2017, 6pm): National Science Week

Dear SRAP Members, We hosted one of our SRAP debates, 24 August 2017, at the Eveleigh Hotel with a special guest, Professor Hernán Míguez ( Professor Hernán Míguez is a Research Professor of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and leads the group of Multifunctional Optical Materials ( The topic was “Brain Drain in Spain, Myth or Tough Reality?”. We talked about our personal stories and the reasons why we came to Australia. The conclusion was that not all of us came here for the so called “Brain Drain”. On another hand, there were a couple of researchers that were currently working in Spain and they shared their stories and opinions about the current system. We talked about the situation of the scientific career in Spain, the differences between Spain and Australia, and everyone had an opportunity to give his/her opinion. As it was expected, we didn’t have a common opinion, but the point in which all the participants agreed is that the system is Spain should be more transparent in terms of recruitment and we should put an end to the “endogamy“ that exists in the sector. Hope to see you all in the next debate. Cheers, Oscar Information about the dates and place where the event took place: Brain Drain: Urban Myth or Tough Reality? Join us in this open debate to discuss this fascinating topic with our special guest, Professor Hernán Míguez ( Professor Hernán Míguez is a Research Professor of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and leads the group of Multifunctional Optical Materials ( This is a free event for SRAP members. If you bring a new member (membership fee $40 a year to pay in advance), you and colleague will have a drink for free. See you all! Organiser: Xavier Vidal

Brain Drain: Urban Myth or Tough Reality?

Prof Montserrat Vilà, research professor at Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC) in Seville (Spain) will give a presentation on the impacts of biological invasions with special emphasis on a global analysis of the ecological effects of alien plants on native species and ecosystems in the introduced range. The talk will also describe how impacts are quantified, as well some ways to conduct risk analysis of invasion in Europe. Biological invasions occur when species are introduced by humans beyond their natural dispersal ranges, establishing and spreading in the region. Some impacts can affect socioeconomic sectors such as forestry, agriculture or public health. From the management and policy perspective it is important to identify which invasive species are causing, or have the potential to cause, major impacts. A panel of experts, will lead an insightful discussion with Prof Vila on the impacts of biological invasions in the Australian context. For more information and to register:

Impacts of Biological Invasions

Hola Socios Como os comentamos el jueves en los vinillos y discusion que tuvimos sobre la diplomacia cientifica espanyola, aqui va informacion sobre una excursioncilla guiada por un artista cientifico de UNSW, Allan Giddy, llamada Earth & Sky. Allan es el director del Environmental Research Initiative for Art en el College of Fine Arts (COFA) de la University of NSW, Allan Giddy es un referente internacional en el campo de la interactividad entre los sistemas de energías sostenibles, la interconectividad electrónica y el arte público. Informacion adjunta en pdf incluye informacion sobre donde quedar. Punto de encuentro: los dos grandes ficus que se encuentran al final de Glebe Point Road, en el parque junto al agua (mapa adjunto – círculos verdes) Día y hora: jueves 18 de mayo a las 17.15 Esperamos veros- hay que ser puntales para esta!!! y si os apetece seguimos la actividad con unas cervezas en algun pub de alrededor. Allan seguro que se apunta a seguir hablando de arte y ciencia! Desde el grupillo de la junta de SRAP!


El 30 de noviembre del 2016 la delegación en ACT de la Asociación de Investigadores Españoles en Australia-Pacífico (SRAP-IEAP) organizó el segundo Research Bites en Canberra. El evento tuvo lugar en el Crawford School of Public Policy (ANU, Australian National University) y estuvo organizado por Marina Trigueros (Cariboo Design) y Mar Racionero […]

Segundo “Research Bites” en Canberra

El segundo “Research Bites” (RB) organizado por la  delegación de Victoria de la Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific association (SRAP-IEAP) tuvo lugar el 20 de octubre de 2016 en Melbourne, en la School of Languages and Linguistics (University of Melbourne). Este evento estuvo organizado por nuestro socio  Alfredo Martínez Expósito (University of […]

Segundo “Research Bites” en Victoria

Nos complace anunciar el segundo de una serie de eventos anuales organizados por la asociación Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific – Investigadores Españoles en Australia-Pacífico. El tema elegido para el congreso de este año es Light (Luz). El objective de los Australia-Spain Research Forums es presentar a una comunidad amplia temas […]

Anuncio del “2nd Australia – Spain Research Forum: Light”